Ute Mountain Ute Community Food Donation

On November 20, 2022
Ute Mountain Ute Community Food Donation

On November 18, 2022 The Learning Council delivered a truckload packed full with food donations from our Valley to the Ute Mountain Ute community as a gift and an attempt to further our relationship of trust and care for each other.

We live on land that the Utes once occupied and wish to acknowledge the ways that they stewarded this land and the sadness of why they are not still doing so today. Sharing nourishment from this land is one small step to take towards creating a balanced relationship – we are in it for the long haul.


Ute Food Donation
Ute Food Donation
Ute Food Donation
Ute Food Donation

A huge thank-you to all who donated amazing goods and goodies to this effort:

  • CSU Organic Extension: 15lb chile, 120lb apples, 47lb carrots and 110lb leeks
  • Round Earth Farm: 100lb winter squash
  • Susie and Jimmie: 30lb squash
  • Anonymous: 35lb potatoes, popcorn and dry goods
  • Raincrow Farm: 50lb pie pumpkins, chiles and squash
  • Rancho del Gallo: 60lb biodynamic ground beef
  • Big B’s: 9 cases of juice plus 20 boxes
  • Living Land Farm and Alima Frier: 50lb apples
  • Sweetgrass: 40 half pints of jam
  • Indigo Autumn: 50lb beans, 25lb rice, 25lb oats, 3 cases of organic ramen, organic candy canes, lollipops, peanut butter cups, menstrual products, and 60lb yams
  • Mountain Oven and The Learning Council: 15 mixed varieties pies, 33 loaves of bread and 50 mixed pastries

And thank you to Daniel Be for driving the truck and paying for gas!

May all be happy and fed!


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