Umbrellas are organizations whose mission and vision meet and compliment the work that the Learning Council is doing in the community.

These organizations operate separately from the Learning Council and use our 501(c)3 status as a way to generate funds. The Learning Council and umbrella organizations are mutually supportive.

Examples of our umbrella organizations include the PPPC Bike Co Op, the North Fork School of Integrated Studies, the Farm and Food Alliance and the Paonia Kayak Club.

PPPC Bike Co-Op

The Paonia Bike CO-OP (PPPC) empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to get wrenching and rolling on their bikes to build a healthy and sustainable community. The PPPC is a non-profit, educationally-based co-op that helps people work on and learn about bikes. The PPPC is a place where people can use tools and get help from experienced volunteer wrenches to repair, maintain, and build bikes. You can: pick out a donated bike and fix it up; bring your bike by for a tune-up or repair; learn how to do routine maintenance, like fixing a flat, lubing your chain, and making minor adjustments; take a workshop to learn more about bike repair and maintenance.

Image of PPPC bikes
Image of NFSIS play
North Fork School of Integrated Studies

North Fork School of Integrated Studies is an arts infused, holistic, integrated education designed to provide academic excellence through experiential learning. The aim of NFSIS is to balance academic subjects with artistic and practical activities. By freely using arts and activities in service of teaching academics an internal motivation is developed in the students. The teachers strive to model a human being who is wise, artistic and compassionate. They are people who are interested in the world and optimistic about the future. They are dedicated to guarding and cherishing the children under their care and committed to showing the world in beauty and truth.

Farm and Food Alliance

The Colorado Farm & Food Alliance networks Colorado family farms, winemakers, brewers, food producers, chefs and restaurateurs to take climate action and to advocate for a balanced approach to energy development that protects our farms, food, and drink. It provides information about Colorado agriculture and food economies, and highlights the nexus between securing those values and implementing sound energy and climate policy. We welcome participation from a range of organizations, individuals and businesses on our various projects.

Image of Farmers Market produce
Image of Kayak Club
Paonia Kayak Club

The Paonia Kayak Club is a free service to the children of our area. It offers free winter kayak pool instruction and day trips throughout each season. Each member is asked to help at our food booth fundraiser at the Paonia BMW motorcycle Rally. The club members also volunteer at the Conservation Center’s River Awareness Float every year.

Embodying Rhythm

Embodying Rhythm is dedicated to uplifting the entire human experience by helping to make music and music-making accessible to individuals and groups through healing sounds, active listening, movement, the expansion of creative perceptions, and the lessons involved in learning and playing music with others. The goal is to assist people in deepening their relationship with life via the study and practice of all the universal applications that rhythm, percussion, music and dance have to offer. To Embody Rhythm is to bring rhythm itself into our music, body, being and life.

Image representing Embodying Rhythm