In Honor and Celebration of Trans Remembrance Day

On November 20, 2023

On November 18, 2023, The Paradise Theater and The Learning Council hosted our second annual Lights, Camera, Trans Action Drag Show performed by the Van Dyke Family/ Delta Pride. We were delighted to have an all Trans cast dancing, singing, flirting and cracking up the audience. The audience was actively participating and fully engaged in the show which received a standing ovation. The Artists Xavi Van Dyke, Peter Pan Van Dyke, Robbie Stardust Van Dyke and The Manifestation put on a fantastic show!

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The Paradise, Delta Pride and TLC curated this show to commemorate the Trans Day of Remembrance which is November 20th. This is an important day for raising awareness of past and present threats to gender nonconforming folx, with the intention of stopping further harm while centering and uplifting our Trans community members. The Trans Day of Remembrance is also an opportunity to commemorate the Trans people who have died as a result of violent crimes and suicide. Our rural community is not immune to these harms and we have seen hate crimes and violence to the Trans community locally. Events like Lights, Camera, Trans Action are designed to shine the spotlight on Trans people and help others to open their hearts and minds to all of the diversity that makes our world so beautiful.

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The Paradise Theater, KVNF, DC CARES and The Learning Council have been celebrating Heritage Days all year featuring monthly films, community meals, performances, festivals, and book lists pertaining to each month’s focus. We look forward to growing these Heritage Days events and learning more about underrepresented cultures as we grow our accessibility, resources, and network. 

Trans Remembrance Day image

We are so thankful to Xavier Saenz for being such a compassionate, talented and lighthearted leader of our local LGBTQ+ community and Delta Pride. Thanks also to Michael Cooper who is an incredible organizer and makes it so fun and safe to be at The Paradise. We are thankful to DC CARES members and Paradise employees who worked together to follow our safety plan so that folks were able to relax and enjoy our time together. Also, thanks to Patrick from the Paonia PD for being a key part of our safety plan and having a presence during our event. Also thanks to Jo for being a welcoming person at the door and for interfacing with protesting and questioning community members with respect, calm, and kindness. Together, we see the possibility of a world that is beautifully diverse and welcoming to all, filled with harmony and peace.

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