Solar Cooker Workshop

On May 6, 2017

Ed Eaton’s Solar Cooker Workshop was a great success! A diverse group of ages and abilities gathered to create 18 functional solar cookers! They also prepared a solar cooked lunch and had a lot of fun as they learned practical skills for sustainability.

So much thanks to Ed and Kristen for donating their time, skills and giant hearts to our gift model and this great community!

And thank you, Michelle Amiott, for the images below!

Solar Cooker Workshop enjoying lunch
Solar Cooker Workshop lunch prep
Solar Cooker Workshop lunch
Solar Cooker Workshop particpants

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  1. Heidi Reese

    Would like to do this! Will there be another workshop sometime?

    • learningcouncil

      We do not have another Cooker workshop scheduled at the moment, but keep an eye on the web site.