Rain & Shine: Western Colorado’s Weekly Nature and Science Update

Rain & Shine is a regional weekly nature and science short-form podcast that explores how the planet works and how we work with the planet. At five minutes, each episode seeks to inspire awe for the natural world and provide basic science education for people of all ages. Episodes are based off questions asked by the public, or friends and family, and are purposefully designed to invoke curiosity and place the listener in a familiar context. Episodes include a written summary and linked citations, and may be used as school curriculum, or as stand-alone pieces for public entertainment and education. Rain & Shine is excited to be joining forces with The Learning Council and to now be available free for all western Colorado public radio stations.

Contact them via email at rainshineweekly@gmail.com and find them on Facebook.

Rain & Shine Team

The Learning Council (TLC) was founded in 1996 to support community alternative education and to provide educational opportunities for students of all ages in Hotchkiss, Paonia and Crawford, Colorado.TLC goal is to provide the North Fork Valley with education that will enhance the quality of life for individuals and the whole community.

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Author and Narrator: Calla Rose Ostrander is a Waldorf graduate and studied International Political Economy at the University of Puget Sound. She grew up with adults who were ecologists, physicists, and geologists and received her early science education through weeks long field trips restoring ecosystems, mapping subterranean structures with electromagnetic resonance, and visiting the National Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado. Calla Rose plays cello is a volunteer DJ at her local public radio station, KVNF and is a science communicator and writer. She works an independent advisor for governments, individuals and communities on nature based climate solutions, environmental policy and economic development.

Producer: Kori Stanton is a Paonia Colorado native and grew up on the Western Slope. A strong sense of ‘Community’ was instilled from the very beginning as her father, Campbell Stanton, is the original Founder of KVNF. She is an award winner producer for several public radio productions, a professional photographer, music and concert producer and in her spare time makes hats with vintage equipment and cares for her flock of ducks and chickens.

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Designer: Feras Abdallah is a landscape architect, designer and beaver lover currently working at Design Workshop, a nationally known design firm. Working with landscape systems and design as a tool to communicate the values of ecological restoration, Feras aims to create resilience within communities. He has been recognized by ASLA and LAF as an emerging professional and has contributed to numerous award-winning projects.