Racial Justice Group Moves Forward

On September 10, 2020

From Lisa Young, Delta County Independent

Decolonizing Delta County School District, a local racial justice group working to promote anti-racism in local schools, is still on the move and making progress according to organizer Marisa Edmondson.

“I guess the biggest news is that the school district released a statement on their website Aug. 21 stating that they are against racism in the schools and are addressing the issues that we brought up in our letter,” she said.

While things have slowed down with the school district dealing with the reopening of schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Edmondson said the group is “working on their own” applying for grants and improving their online platform.

“Hopefully this fall we will be able to launch a couple of community based classes, workshops, seminars dealing with race and racism. The meetings which may be webinars due to covid will be open to the community,” said Edmondson.

The grassroots effort is receiving support and mentoring from the Learning Council in Paonia. Edmondson said the two groups share a number of common values making it a natural relationship.

“The Learning Council has been truly incredible with all of this. They’re support has been invaluable especially with working with the school district.”

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