Summer Cooking Classes at the Trading Post

Thursdays, June 21 – July 12

Class Guidelines

This class provides a meal to the community. All are welcome. Gifts received from Thursday’s lunch and class support The Learning Council in providing gift education to our community.

Students who will be working in the kitchen will need to follow these guidelines for participation:

  • Please have long hair tied back.
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn in a commercial kitchen.
  • Please let Alicia know when you will not be able to attend class, with as much advanced notice as possible. Alicia’s phone # 970-433-5852.
  • The class is hands on; students must be prepared to work and be respectful of the work that is happening.
  • The break will be supervised for the children. Parent volunteers are welcome and encouraged.
  • Please leave technology/media/things at home. The Learning Council promotes media free activities.
  • We use tools in our classes, no weapons.
  • Students are to return to the kitchen after they eat lunch, to participate in clean up.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance.
  • Knives must be washed immediately after use and returned to their place.
  • Elementary age children will be supervised and informed about safe ways to handle knives.
  • Students put on a clean apron and wash hands when they arrive at the kitchen. The Learning Council has aprons, and welcomes you to bring your own apron from home. Students are responsible for their own aprons.
  • After cooking and cleaning are complete, students return Learning Council’s aprons to the basket.

Class Policies

This class is being offered to the community as a gift, The Learning Council’s adaptation of the Gift Model is based on a synergistic relationship between the individual and their community. In that sense the individual’s education supports the community and the community supports the individual’s education. This is reflected in the format of our classes. The classes are a gift, no payment required, however, we do accept donations graciously. This is possible because local businesses, educators, families, and students support our classes through donations and participation. In turn, the students return the gifts by sharing their newly acquired skills and knowledge in the community and giving back through service.

The Learning Council values the gift of education and our educators. The class that you are participating in has an established value of $15 per class $60 for the 4 week session. The Leaning Council welcomes your financial support in keeping this model alive and sustainable.

This gift class may be photographed and the photos may be used for promotional materials. In signing this waiver you are agreeing to be photographed. If you do not want your photo to be used on The Learning Council’s web site or promotional materials, please select NO to the Allow Photos section in the form and we will do our best to not take photos of you and we will not use your image in our promotional materials.

By signing this form, you agree:

  • to participate in The Learning Council’s community cooking;
  • your safety is your own responsibility;
  • to make sure that you safely participate in the activities of the class
  • to observe any rules and practices that may be employed to minimize the risk of injury;
  • to stop and seek assistance if you do not believe that you can safely continue;
  • to limit your participation to reflect your personal fitness or skill level;
  • to refrain from any and all actions that would pose a hazard to yourself and others, and
  • not to hold The Learning Council, Lamborn Farm/Trading Post or the instructors liable for any and all liabilities, demands, claims or injuries, that you may sustain during or in conjunction with the class.

The Learning Council reserves the right to deny students access to classes if they are unable to behave in a safe and appropriate way.

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