Senior Lunches

April 10 & 24, 12:30-2pm

Served To Go at the Trading Post
15495 Black Bridge, Paonia

Senior Lunches poster

The general menu plan will be: Miso Soup, fresh spelt natural leaven bread with your choice of cow or goat butter or pesto, fresh local salad with our usual array of vegetable and sprout toppings plus hard boiled eggs, roasted root vegetable or potatoes or sweet potatoes (only one will be served based upon availability), vegan and animal based protein (such as chicken or tempeh), a pro-biotic rich fermented veggie source and a locally sourced steamed, fresh, dark leafy green vegetable or mixed greens dish. The specifics of the menu will be available on the fill out menu sheets. All food is organic and primarily locally sourced. There may or may not be a dessert available.

Please drop off DONATIONS of jars and plates at the Trading Post.

Place your order at the table on the dining room porch by arriving at the designated time for your last name:
12:30-12:45 all last names beginning with A-F
12:45-1:00 G-L
1:00-1:15 M-R
1:15-1:30 S-Z
1:30-1:45 anyone who missed their time slots.

Please donate into the donation basket so that we can keep this going. If you are able …pay for others who are less able. Let’s make this work….TOGETHER

Return plates by following Wednesday to the Trading Post.

Sponsored by:

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