Win & Organize

From Vision To Transformation

4-Part Webinar Series: October 1, 8, 15, 22 (Online) 7-8:30pm
Time: 1.5 hours each
Hosted by: Citizens for a Healthy Community

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In this special training series, join Author/Activist Rivera Sun as she shares movement stories and strategies that you can use locally in efforts to protect and push forward for a healthy, resilient North Fork Community. You’ll learn tools for resisting local threats and building resilience. You’ll gain practical approaches to making change.

Come engage your creativity, passion, and excitement with others. Discover ways to “think like an ecosystem” about working for change. Explore how to engage your head, heart, and hands in equal measures to build truly effective campaigns. This 4-part series is open to everyone. Beginners are welcome. If you attended Rivera Sun’s training in Paonia last year, you’ll build on those skills in this series.

You will need internet access and a device or computer with Zoom capability.

September 30, Dandelion Insurrection & Winds of Change: A Reading and Conversation with Activist/Author Rivera Sun – Join Rivera Sun for a special conversation about the upcoming training series, making change in these times, and the release of her next Dandelion novel, Winds of Change.

October 1, Flocks, Swarms, Schools: A Natural Way of Making Change – Nature is the greatest changemaker. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to make change by thinking like an ecosystem, tapping into evolutionary principles, and organizing in flocks, swarms, and schools to protect our communities.

October 8, Building Power: Localism and Resilience – Effective movements combine “oppose and propose” strategies that build local resilience and stop destruction. Together, we’ll explore how to strengthen the North Fork’s considerable local power and mobilize that strength to respond to current challenges.

October 15, Everyone Belongs: Beloved Community & Making Change – In our community, no one is “disposable”. When we’re working for change, everyone has a role to play and a piece of the truth. In this session, we’ll explore how being radically inclusive can lead to powerful movements for change.

October 22: Keep Your Cool! De-escalation & Active Bystander Training – When the streets get heated, here’s how to de-escalate tension, keep a level head, and make our actions effective. We’ll look at personal practices, how to help others, and ways to design our demonstrations that help us “keep our cool”.