Meet And Greet Tea Party with Partnership for Community Action

Feb 26, 4-6pm

The Hearth
138 Grand Ave, Paonia

Meet And Greet Tea Party poster

The PFCA Team:

Storm (they/them/elle) is the GSA Coordinator VISTA for the PfCA. Storm organizes and supports the rural GSA network and provides support for youth through outreach and resource delivery.

Cloey Olander – Programs Coordinator
Cloey (she, her) is the Programs Coordinator for the PfCA. She coordinates events, resources, and keeps us all on the same page!

Mark Monroe – Communications
Mark (any pronouns) is the co-founder of the Partnership. They handle much of the scheduling & administrative and design work for the PfCA, as well as social media content.

Jimmy Sellars – Programs and Policy
Jimmy (they, he) is the co-founder of the Partnership and focuses on bridging communities and resources, establishing partnerships, and monitoring policies that affect LGBTQ+ people.