Food As Ally, Food As Medicine

June 26, July 10 + 24, Aug 14 + 28, Sept 11 + 25, Oct 9 + 23 and Nov 6


Food as Ally poster

A ten-class series drawing from classic and modern sources for developing a deeper relationship with EATING, FOOD SOURCING, COOKING, FASTING, AND YOUR HEALTH JOURNEY.

Using the power of food as an agent for health:
– Increase your well-being.
– Develop greater responsibility for your health by bringing more awareness into your food choices.
– Bring awareness into, “those foods don’t work for me” type perspectives.
– Develop a new relationship with what we do every day bringing a beneficial dynamic into your connection between your food choices and your health.

Topics covered will include:
– Food Combining for Recovery from allergies, gastro-intestinal challenges
and taking responsibility for your everyday digestive health
– Modern diets’ benefits and drawbacks
– Assessing Our Relationship with Eating
– Is Food the Problem with My Health or Is My Relationship to Food Worth a Look at?
– Why Eat Local, Regional, and/or In-Season? The interface between our minds and our food choices.
– Trace Minerals….the forgotten gifts in our food choices that make a profound difference
– Prebiotics and Probiotics, The brain/gut connection, marketing myths and fallacies, home fermentation.
– Science, Food and Health!!
– Food as Medicine
– Herbs as Food AND Medicine
– And Much Much More

Special Guest Speakers throughout the course. Certificate of completion available upon request.

Classes are held twice/month on Saturdays from 4-8, including active discussion time and a light supper. We will meet at local farms, food venues, and private homes. Opening class is at Old River Road Trading Post, Sat June 26, Dining Room and outdoors, weather permitting. Dates are: June 26, July 10 + 24, Aug 14 + 28, Sept 11 + 25, Oct 9 + 23 and Nov 6. 4:00-8:00pm light supper, handouts, lending library, samples included.

Register with Zoe at 970-693-9844. Class size is limited so register soon!

Cost is $350.00 for the series.

Senior discount available as well as a discount for folks who have volunteered with Chrys Bailey. Chrys has been a food and health practitioner since 1969. She has studied and taught at The Kushi Institute, Managed Macrobiotic Study Houses in the Greater Boston Area throughout the 70s and 80s, raised eight children applying the principles you will learn in the daily caldron of feeding a large family and later extended family and grandchildren.

She has been a consultant and instructor for Wellspring Clinic, the first alternative and integrated professional health clinic in the US in MA in the 70s, a Natural and Organic Foods Caterer since 1975 in MA, South Carolina, and here in the North Fork Valley. She was the chef tasked with feeding organic lunches in the 70s to the entire staff of the warehouse for EREWHON Natural Foods in Boston as well as, later the staffs of the EAST WEST JOURNAL and then THE NEW AGE JOURNAL. She has been teaching classes since 1975 and doing private consultations since the late 70s. Chrys has run organic school lunch programs, been involved with The Vision Program as an Instructor, and taught at Hampshire College in MA. She has acted as a Private Chef for presenters at numerous personal growth workshops in Boston, South Carolina, California, and The Option Institute. With over 50 years of experience focused on FOOD as an agent for personal, social, economic, and global health, Chrys’s approach is suitable to support small thru life-altering changes in our relationship with food.

Meals will model what is presented in class. Discussion is lively and provides additional opportunities for personalized input when desired.