Creative Art and Movement Camp at the Paonia Park

June 30-Aug 4, 10am-2pm - Every Wednesday

For students ages 6-9

Movement Camp poster

Arts for All is a collaboration between the Learning Council and the Mountain Harvest Creative and the Paradise Theatre. Each has received grant funding for these classes.

In order to continue these classes we also need to generate income. We established the value of the Creative Art and Movement Camp at $25 per session, which would be what a business would charge for a class similar to this class.

Some may not be able to afford this amount of money, but please consider contributing what you can monetarily or otherwise from the list below:

We at Arts for All encourage participation in our classes and we do not limit a student’s participation by ability to contribute money.

Your participation in our class reflects community support and interest. Your contribution and reciprocation of the gift keeps this model viable. There are many ways that you can support our reciprocal gift model.

Contribute money:
Each Gift offering has an established value that reflects the cash value of the class. You are welcome to pay an amount that feels comfortable to you and your financial situation. Gift forward and pay above the established value and share in the generosity by providing for others less fortunate. This is an opportunity for you to be abundant and support great educational offerings in the North Fork Valley!

Contribute time:
Volunteer to set up and clean up events and classes, make costumes, assist the teachers, help with Administrative tasks, volunteer to share your gifts and teach a class. Help the nonprofits (Mountain Harvest Creative and The Learning Council) that are providing the class. Your time and energy are valuable and add to the success of our offerings.

Contribute Resources:
The classes that we offer use all kinds of supplies and resources. Donations of musical instruments, art supplies, computers, iPads, circus arts supplies for juggling, stilt walking, clowning, snacks for students, or make a recommendation.

Be Creative:
Let us know how you feel that you can best support and participate in our Gift Model. Mix and match the above options, have fun! We welcome your creative efforts to help our community education model thrive.

Monetary gifts: Please make a check out to Arts for All and give it to the instructor, or Neal Schwieterman.

Thank you for your participation in our reciprocal gift model.

Please register today!