Council of All Beings

Aug 10, 3-6pm, Paonia Town Park

Embodiment Workshop
July 30, 5-9pm
KVNF Community Room

This project is a joint effort of Western Slope Conservation Center, The Learning Council, and Elsewhere Studios.

A Council of All Beings is a way to step outside of our human identity and speak on behalf of other life forms. Rediscovering our “deep ecology” – our interconnectedness with all beings – we find empowerment as agents of healing change.

The Council of All Beings was created by John Seed and Joanna Macy in 1985 to help end the sense of alienation from the living Earth that many of us feel.

Many people INTELLECTUALLY realize that we are inseparable from Nature and that the sense of separation that we feel is illusory. The Council enables us to deeply EXPERIENCE our connection with Nature, in our hearts and our bodies.

For the Council, participants “become” a being or part of nature and speak on behalf of that being in this time of ecological crisis and climate change. They can speak on behalf of a mountain, desert, river, juniper tree, honeybee, elk, coyote, or any non-human being that comes to their heart and mind. It could be an element or a habitat. They make masks and costumes and embody the Being they choose. In the Council, the Beings share with the audience the concerns and challenges they are experiencing. Then they offer their powers, support and encouragement for human beings to act on their behalf in order to preserve life on our planet. There is a ceremonial conclusion and call to action for the audience.

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This event is open to all ages. Folks are encouraged to participate in both the embodiment and costume making event, as well as the Council itself or as audience for the Council.

If you are interested in participating as a family, group (or herd of elk, school of fish, etc.) or individual, please sign up below.

Or, if you are interested in helping facilitate costume making, music making with simple instruments or script writing for the day of the Council, please sign up below.

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