Black History Month

Celebration Through Learning

In honor of Black History month, we will be sharing our favorite resources, books, movies, and more – celebrating Black stories. We encourage you to join us!

February is about celebrating Black history:

  • Throughout the month we will be sharing reading lists and other resources for you to engage with and learn from.
  • Along with other resources, we will share a “book of the month” and a “movie of the week”.
  • At the end of the month – Sunday, February 28 – we will have a special Zoom gathering!
  • We will discuss the movies, books and how you become more involved with Decolonizing Delta County School District and The Learning Council’s work to bring equity and justice to our schools and community!

This is open to all members of Delta County!

Top 15 Books

Let’s celebrate Black Voices and stories! We hope you feel inspired to pick one up during Black History Month. Here are our favorite titles for February.

Most of these titles can be found at the Library and can be downloaded for free using the OverDrive app (just plug in your library card number) or can be purchased on Kindle, Apple iBooks, etc.

Black History Month books Obama and Coates
Black History Month books Lewis and Kendall
Black History Month books Salaam and Morrison
Black History Month books Stevenson and Menakem
Black History Month books Bernard and Stone
Black History Month books Kendi and Lewis
Black History Month books Thomas and Bennett
Black History Month books Angelou

Movies of the Week

Movie of the Week Selma

Can be found on Hulu Premium, YouTube for $2.99, Amazon Prime Video for $2.99

Movie of the Week Kiki

Can be found on YouTube for $2.99, Amazon Prime Premium

Movie of the Week John Lewis

Can be found on HBO Max, YouTube for $3.99, Amazon Prime Video for $3.99

Movie of the Week And Still I Rise

Can be found on YouTube for $3.99, Amazon Prime Video for $3.99

Black History Month Zoom Celebration

February 28, 4-6pm

Meeting ID: 860 1959 5214 –

Join us on Zoom to discuss the book Stamped by Ibram X Kendi and Jason Reynolds, talk about our selected movies and share what you learned over the month!

Sign up below.