New Photo Gallery

On October 17, 2016
In Art | Music

We created our Photo Gallery with images from the Visionary Summit and a Zimbabwean dance class!

The first Visionary Summit attracted artists from across the western US to join with our local visionary artists and create multiple art installments which could be found in the streets of downtown Paonia, the Paradise Theatre, the Blue Sage and Poulos Park during our festival weekend. The participants in the summit together created a sculpture throughout the weekend in dedication to Terrance McKenna. The visionary art brings life to our community and added a magical element to the festival through beauty.

The Learning Council loves to bring the community together in celebration and Movement. This dance class taught by Zimbabwe born Rujeko was extra special as it was the first African dance class ever in Paonia to be accompanied by marimba. A good time was had by participants of all ages and we will be happy to welcome Rujeko back to the valley for more fun.

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