Lights, Camera, Trans-Action!

On December 3, 2021

On November 12th, 2021, The Learning Council welcomed nearly 100 people into the Paradise Theatre for Paonia’s first-ever drag show/poetry/dance party event.

The event began with original works read by poet Hayden Dansky (they/them), whose work explores their lived experiences of loss, grief, hope, and transition. Hayden had spent the morning leading a poetry session with local high school students. Hayden is the director of the Boulder Food Rescue and has published their first collection “I Would Tell You a Secret”.

Poetry was followed by a lively drag show featuring performers from the Van Dyke Family. This group of drag performers of all ages, backgrounds, identities, and abilities took the stage to dance, sing, and display their pride. The drag show was MC’d by Xavi Saenz from the local organization Delta Pride who co-hosted the event.

Finally, the crowd joined performers on the dance floor for a celebratory party full of music and movement. Special thanks to Hayden, the Van Dyke Family, Delta Pride, DJ extraordinaire Stuart Kramer, and the numerous volunteers who made this event possible!

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