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Friends of Youth and Nature

Friends of Youth and Nature supports, promotes and facilitates opportunities for youth and families to go outside and promote healthy lifestyles.

Adventures of Odysseus

The North Fork School of Integrated Studies 5th and 6th grade students performed The Adventures of Odysseus on February 17 at the Paradise Theater in Paonia.

Galician Folk Music

Arts for All sponsored a delightful Galician Folk Music concert at Paonia Elementary School on February 16 for 1-6th grade students as well as Paonia High School students who study Spanish and Music.

Walk With Me

The Learning Council hosted a Valentine gift offering to the community of a screening of the film Walk With Me. This film documented the life of Buddhist Monks and Nuns who live with Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village in France.

Livestock Infrastructure

Ben Gillespie, Emily Hartnett and Jake Gray discussed Livestock Infrastructure. The group visited the animals at The Living Farm in their homes and viewed practical and economical ways to care for and contain animals.

Silk Road

The Silk Road was performed at the Paonia Elementary School by Marcin Arendt on violin, Kimberly Patterson cello, Benjamin De Kock Double Bass and David Alderdice on Drums.

Harvest Moon Dinner

The Learning Council served over 100 people at Harvest Moon Dinner, a farm to table feast at Edesia Community Kitchen on October 4, 2017.

Celebration of National Public Lands Day

The Learning Council was glad to team up with the Paonia Ranger District, The Nature Connection, The Western Slope Conservation Center, Interpretive Association of Western Colorado, BLM, Conservation Legacy, Americorps and Recreational Resource Management to participate in the Celebration of National Public Lands Day at beautiful Lost Lake.