Health and Vitality Council

The Learning Council is a safe place for all people to come together and learn.

The Health and Vitality Council advocates for and teaches comprehensive sexual health education in alignment with Colorado HB 19 10-32.

Curriculum content includes state and federal standards: adolescent development, identity, communication and consent, self-care, and basic human anatomy and physiology. We can address topics such as healthy relationships with self and other, communication, choice, pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections (grades 5 and up), decision making, and bullying.

Health and Vitality Council members will work with you to craft lessons appropriate to grade level.

Future Planning

  • Join the Delta Health Advisory Committee and support the development of this in any way we can.
  • Here to support the mission of your Whole Child planning grant, we have ideas for this beyond Sexual Health education, with that being our primary focus
  • Bring a professional Sexual Health educator to the valley to train a group of local adults, whoever is interested. This could include teachers/educators, guidance counselor, parents, and askable adults that interface with kids. We have Sexual Health education training. We could bring a trainer to the county. We could do a weekend training.
  • Hold a panel discussion/forum on Sexual Health Education. Ideally, the panel would include a Delta County leader, a Delta County teacher, and a leader in Sexual Health Education.
  • Implement Sexual Health Education in all Delta County schools from K through 12, and to have our Valley on the leading edge of Sexual Health Education. This would be a comprehensive curriculum that builds upon itself. We see our role in this as either supporting teachers in teaching or coming in and teaching ourselves if that support is needed.

Contact Details
Ana Kampe, 970-623-4290
Alicia Michelsen, 970-433-5852
Faye Sullivan, 970-209-9721

Resource List

Empower Yourself With Knowledge

If you want to reach one of us, you can email us at: We aim to respond within 48 hrs. You can ask us any questions you need.

You can go to the local Health Department for sexual health advice and guidance, for STI questions, testing and treatment. You can get birth control information, be prescribed birth control methods and pick up condoms. There is also pregnancy testing and options for the future should you become pregnant.

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