Harvest Moon Dinner

On October 25, 2017

The Learning Council served over 100 people at a farm to table feast at Edesia Community Kitchen on October 4, 2017. The meal was inspired by the food of Africa and featured five courses including black bean fritters, kale salad, pumpkin soup, vegetable tagine, yams with roasted heirloom tomatoes, greens with okra, hearth baked flatbread, and apple tarts served with chocolate coconut bites.

The dinner was accompanied by the North Fork Marimba Project playing two sets of incredible marimba music. It was wonderful to hear the evolution of the Marimba Project since in inception almost four years ago when Embodying Rhythm and the Learning Council worked together to raise funds to bring marimbas to the North Fork Valley. David and Arlyn Alderdice (Embodying Rhythm) have been doing an outstanding job learning and teaching traditional marimba songs from Zimbabwe, as well as fitting music from contemporary pop songs, to spirituals, to holiday music to be played on marimbas. David has also composed some beautiful marimba pieces bringing his passion and brilliance to this heavenly ensemble instrument.

The group of musicians in the North Fork playing Marimba has grown in such an inspirational way, including families playing together, mamas with babies tied on and a brilliant and joyous group of musicians having a lot of fun learning and playing together. Thanks to all of the musicians who volunteered to play music for this dinner.

The evening at Edesia was a great success as people danced to the music and celebrated the season. We were thrilled to have so many farmers together enjoying the fruits of their labor and celebrate the great farms that supply food to Learning Council meals year round. These farms include Rancho del Gallo, Rain Crow Farm, Living Springs Farm, Emily’s Goat Farm, Thistle Whistle, Peace and Plenty, Small Potatoes Farm and Bakery, Zephyros Farm, Lamborn Farm, Living Land, and more. The labor of love that the farmers perform to keep us fed is applauded and appreciated – we could not have served this special meal without them.

Many thanks and praises to our incredible cooking crew headed by Aimee Olsen who curated the meal and worked tirelessly to make the dinner a success. Learning Council Board member May Trumble not only worked day and night on this event but also brought in friends from out of town, Nit and Gordy, who were a fantastic help. The students from Paonia Experiential Leadership Academy worked alongside North Fork School of Integrated Studies fifth and sixth graders to cook and serve the food and we were blessed with great community support from Pat Frazier, Ola, Bailey, Ashley, Stuart, Paul, Leaf, Miss Lauren, Phil…

Also thanks to Mary George and John Mattox of Edesia Community Kitchen for hosting the event in their fantastic venue, as well as, Citizen Raw, Blessed Foods, Pura Vida Chocolate and the businesses that created space for us to have this event and take over their kitchen.

The Harvest Moon Dinner was another opportunity to witness the power of community coming together and creating beauty.

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