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Celebrating Mexican Heritage

Here are some images from the Mexican Heritage Celebration festivities on Sep 18, 2021. The festivities include music, dancing, art, food and comedy.

Food Preservation: Canning & Dehydrating

At the Aug 29, 2021 Food Preservation workshop, attendees learned how to preserve North Fork Valley bounty and enjoy the abundance of harvest season throughout the year.

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Seniors on Farms

North Fork Valley seniors visited Zephyros Farm on July 30, 2021 to ask questions, admire and explore. They enjoyed a lunch created by Chrys Bailey.

Women's Building Workshop

Kristen O’Brien led a League of Women Builders to build solar ovens over 2018 Earth Day weekend: April 20-22.

The Learning Council Lunch

Ms. Jenica’s class from North Fork School of Integrated Studies created a feast that involved their study in Fairy Tales.

Day of the Dead

The Learning Council gathered on November 1 at Edesia kitchen to paint sugar skulls with Chef Aimee Olsen. An altar was created to honor beloved dead. This class was a lot of fun and had participants ranging from age 3 to elders. Folks enjoyed both the artistic
and the community building aspects of this event.

Thanks to Edesia’s John and Mary for hosting and to Aimee for sharing her skills and skulls.

Festival of Courage

On September 27, 2017 Peace and Plenty Farm hosted the Festival of Courage for North Fork School of Integrated Studies families and community members to celebrate this bountiful time of year, the power of the sun, and to gather strength to move forward to the dark time of year.

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Bee Workshop

The April 28, 2017 Bee Workshop, sponsored by The Learning Council and the Valley Organic Growers Association, was held at Thistle Whistle Farm in Hotchkiss.

Regenerative Agriculture Class

In April 2017 Lloyd Nelson and Pat Frazier conducted a class regarding biodynamic practices for the farm and garden. Topics included soil fertility, biodynamic sprays and farming with the moon. The Learning Council teamed with VOGA to offer this hands-on educational experience.

Biodynamic Spray Workshop

The Learning Council presented a Biodynamic Spray Workshop in March 2017. Pat Frazier demonstrated how to create a biodynamic spray and allowed students to spray the Paonia CommUnity Garden with the preps.

The Art for All Visual Arts Class

The Art for All visual arts class taught by Paul Kimpling and Stuart Kramer at Paonia Elementary School is filled with joy and creativity. Students shared their favorite images!
Visual Arts class image

Tree Pruning Workshop

This Tree Pruning Workshop, sponsored by The Learning Council and the Valley Organic Growers Association, drew nearly 50 attendees. Bryan Braddy did an excellent presentation/demonstration at the Research Station in Hotchkiss.

Photos by Daniel Fonken

Visionary Art Installments

The First Visionary Summit attracted artists from across the western US to join with our local visionary artists and create multiple art installments which could be found in the streets of downtown Paonia, the Paradise Theatre, the Blue Sage and Poulos Park during our festival weekend.

Marimba Dance Class with Rujeko

The Learning Council loves to bring the community together in celebration and Movement. This dance class taught by Zimbabwe born Rujeko was extra special as it was the first African dance class ever in Paonia to be accompanied by marimba.

Biodynamic Workshop

The Learning Council joined the Valley Organic Growers Association to present a Biodynamic Workshop in May 2016. Pat Frazier, Lloyd Nelson and Jeff Schwartz led the group to build a compost pile using biodynamic preps.

Perennial Workshop

Zephyros Farm hosted a Perennial Workshop in April 2016. Daphne Yannakakis and Don Lareau led the workshop in conjunction with The Learning Council.