Galician Folk Music

On February 18, 2018

Arts for All sponsored a delightful concert at Paonia Elementary School on February 16, 2018 for 1-6th grade students as well as Paonia High School students who study Spanish and Music.

Galician Folk Music image

Uxia Senlle from Galicia Spain sang incredible songs filled with spirit and life and Sergio Tannus skillfully played guitar and tambourine as well as singing back up. Both musicians were awesome at engaging the audience through the magic of music despite the fact that they spoke little english. All but one song were sung in Galician or Spanish with a cover of the Beatles “Blackbird” to wrap up the set.

Students were given time to ask questions and comment on the music , one girl said “I am just like you, I speak spanish too” and she and the musicians were able to share in a conversation. Another student asked “How long did it take you to learn to play like that?” David Alderdice quickly responded “We are all always learning, no matter how long we have studied or practiced, we can always learn more.”
The entire auditorium participated clapping, snapping, singing and dancing in their seats with choreographed movements. We all shared in much alegria (joy) and learned some spanish during this fun and enriching concert. It is a pleasure to experience music from Galicia Spain, here is our sweet small town and to share it with the young enthusiasts at Paonia Elementary school.

Arts for All is a collaboration of The Learning Council, Mountain Harvest Creative, the Blue Sage and community members who support the Arts. For more information email The Learning Council or the Blue Sage.

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