Diversity Library Donated to Delta County School District

On January 13, 2021

The Learning Council, in collaboration with Decolonizing Delta County School District, donated over 150 books to the school district on January 7th, 2021. Our Diversity Library includes titles with a variety of diverse authors, characters, and ideas. Every student deserves to see themselves represented in literature and in the classroom.

Image of Diversity Library books

Now, the district will take the books through a screening process and return titles that they do not wish to use in the curricula or in their libraries. The Learning Council also gifted the district a curriculum adaptation tool to help them through this task. We expect some books to be returned to our in-house library collection.

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this project possible. We can’t wait for students to get their hands on these books! If you wish to make a donation to help our library grow, visit our Book Fundraiser post.

Image of first Diversity Library Booklist
Image of second Diversity Library Booklist
Image of third Diversity Library Booklist
Image of fourth Diversity Library Booklist
Image of fifth Diversity Library Booklist
Image of sixth Diversity Library Booklist
Image of seventh Diversity Library Booklist

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