Cinco de Mayo in Delta

On May 12, 2023
Cinco de Mayo

As reported by Lisa Young of KVNF

On Friday night, May 5th, the city of Delta held its first annual, Cinco de Mayo celebration. The night was filled with fun, authentic food, entertainment and live music. The city closed down Main Street from 2nd to 6th Street, for the one-night event, which included live music, traditional dancers, food trucks, and a number of Community Partners.

Casey Dukeman, Information and Innovation Officer for the city, wanted to put something together that was really for the local community, for the businesses, something that was kind of akin to what they did in Grand Junction. But more of like a go downtown and have a party kind of atmosphere. A number of Delta police officers roamed up and down the streets. Just making sure everybody had a good time.

KVNF was involved with the event, because it wants to be involved more with the Delta Community and to support The Learning Council’s Hispanic Affairs project, and all of the wonderful organizations that work really hard to put things like this on for the Delta Community.

One very colorful Booth was the Rainbow Closet from Grand Junction. It provides free clothing for the newly transgender men and women. They come to that place and get everything for free.

There were a number of resources available at the event including the Delta Family Center. Sponsors included, Western, Colorado Migrant and Rural Coalition, the Delta City police, Poor Ernie’s Sports Bar, Integrated Insight Therapy and several others also.

Also, Seabees Tavern was a good place to go and find Margaritas it was like the Margarita headquarters. Longtime resident of Delta, Annie Barker-Honchell, really summed up the evening by saying Delta is finally giving itself the opportunity to have fun.


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