Bread and Puppet – Thank You

On October 14, 2022
Bread and Puppet

UPDATE, Dec 1, 2022: WBUR, an NPR affiliate in Boston, posted an article about Bread & Puppet. You can listen to the interviews in the recording. The Paonia performance is mentioned around the 3 minute mark.

We are reveling in the afterglow of a magical, inspiring and successful fall celebration in the Town Park on Wednesday. Our hearts are full of gratitude for our community and all those that made this event possible.

The idea to have Bread and Puppet visit our town was seeded over two years ago at the planning for the Visionary Summit and we are grateful for all those visionaries that made this event become a reality!

Thank you to Mountain Oven for sponsoring such a beautiful and festive event and collaborating with us to bring it to our community. And a special shout out to Dana for her years of service with TLC, helping us to get our organization to where it is now.

Thank you to Bread and Puppet for bringing the spark, sparkle, laughter, creativity, imagination, and radical banter which we believe brings a more spacious and curious outlook on all the goings on of our current political & global situation. Our eyes are brighter, hearts are fuller, and we feel more grateful than ever for our precious gem of a community.

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We loved starting off the event with local musical favorites, Mama Lingua- thanks for getting the crowd excited and setting the good vibes for the entire evening.

Thank you to Skye for shining your light as MC of the event!

Thank you to all the people who volunteer and work with The Learning Council: cooking, cleaning, harvesting, brewing delicious alcoholic beverages, tossing pizza dough, taking care of children, and serving our community in so many ways!

Thanks to John Mattox jumping in on the pizza ovens at the last minute!

A big shout out goes to the beverage providers: Chrysalis for donating sour beer, Big B’s for your renowned hard cider, Stu, Paul, Whit, Bobby & Mary for your homemade delights that added high vibrations to our beverage options.

Thanks to Prima, Whit, Rebecca, Sara, Aubrie, Ivy, Leaf, Peachy, Rose, Mitchel, Alicia T, Amaru, Bastian, Van, Paul, and Stu for all of your vending and cleaning up services.

Thank you to all the community members who donated items to the silent auction! This turned into an epic bazaar of the most wonderful creations from gift certificates to local restaurants, gallons of pickles, woven willow sculptures, detailed handworks, luscious sheep hides, paintings, drums, drum lessons, jewelry, healing sessions, private limo tours, private house concerts, designer clothing, farm and garden consultations, children’s hats and booties, and so much more! It truly showcased the creativity and generosity that exists in our community.

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Thank you to Joebob Merritt who travelled mountain passes to bring the spark, fire and flame to warm our hearts and hands after the puppet show ended.

We are grateful for the vendors that set up for the event making our circle ripple out with delightfulness from booth to booth!

So much gratitude to Rachel, Alicia, and Emily who organized the silent auction and a HUGE thank you to Ellza for your motivation, expertise, inspiration and helping us pull it all together! We couldn’t have done it without you and your volunteers as well.

Big gratitude to the Board of Directors of TLC: Candice, Rachel, Sara, Patrick and Taya J for helping organize, set up, clean up, and inspire this event.

Thank you to Arlyn for volunteering at TLC, helping us to get organized, bringing a breath of sanity into our space, and bringing therapeutic dance weekly to The Hearth.

A big thank you to Susie for designing and creating all of our beautiful event flyers!

Thank you to everyone in the community showing up for this amazing event. As part of The Learning Council’s mission, we strive to provide events that connect hearts and showcase the brilliance that exists within our community and beyond, while making it available and accessible to everyone. With the support from our generous and luminous community, we hope that our downtown educational hub, The Hearth, will be able to continue providing exciting educational opportunities for many years to come!

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