Adventures of Odysseus

On February 18, 2018
In Play

The North Fork School of Integrated Studies 5th and 6th grade students performed The Adventures of Odysseus today at the Paradise Theater in Paonia on February 17, 2018. The school children were transformed into Greek gods and goddesses, boat swains, sailors, pigs, wooers, and sea nymphs in this poetic play based on the students study of Ancient Greece.

The students were decked out in fantastic costumes designed and mended by Thesa Callinicos-Webb and Tanya Black. The cyclops costume was so alarming that small children began to cry as the cyclops descended upon Odysseus and his sailors on stage.

[The students illustrated the programs with images of their characters. Here, Circe and her enchanted pigs, drawn and portrayed by Grace Ramsey]

Adventures of Odysseus image

The students did a fantastic job reciting complex text and Greek songs. The role of Odysseus was well cast and Judah Fischer did a fantastic job portraying the noble and brave Odysseus. Jesi Muse played the goddess Athena, she was strong and powerful in the role and presided over the cast with great benevolence. Hannah Tittle was the faithful Penelope, she conveyed her love and devotion earnestly. The return of Odysseus to his home after ten years of battle in Troy and ten years of travel was harrowing and then redeeming, and the audience was on the edge of their seats throughout the production as there was danger and heroism in each scene.

Great accolades to Miss Lauren Ziccardi and Miss Thesa Callinicos-Webb for their great direction, endurance, and vision. The play was a great success and students were able to raise funds, through the generous donations of patrons, to support class trips in the spring.

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